mercredi 26 août 2015

Bay Area Art Collective - B-Sides Demonstrations

Back with a cassette release from 1995. This is the first official album from the Bay Area Art Collective (BAAC). The only info I have on this group is from Discogs: it's a 3 guys band from Berkeley who released a handful of very confidential tapes between 95 and 98.
One member of the band, James Ek-Sel, is also a member of this other confidential westcoast group called All The King's Horses whose only demo cassette from 93 was just released on vinyl by Back 2 Da Source.

About this album now, I don't own a copy myself but found a rip of the full A and B sides that I proceeded to cut into different tracks. I then named the tracks accordingly to the Discogs page, like I did for the Log Cabin tape. Sound is correct. For those wondering why I switched tracks A07 and A09, well the A07 track begin with the rapper saying "Perpendicular Composers" which was supposedly track 9 according to Discogs, so.... Every other track is matching their title.


Face A

A New Page
Bay Bridge Interlude
Transformation All Stages
When I Lay In The Shade
I Unleash
Perpendicular Composers
Hello Goodbye
Looking In A Destination
You Can Find Me In The Bay
The Perspective
Stop Messin With The Crack
So Much Weed

Face B

The BaacGround
You're Not Like Us
Off The Deepend
High Performance
Loose Lips
Fake ID's
More Bricks
The Inner View

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