dimanche 19 juillet 2015

West Kraven - The Big Worm Series Vol.1

I originally heard about West through a cassette a finnish connection dubbed me years ago.
The album was Universe Horror Nites and I liked it instantly.
I didn't know it as first but I soon discovered he was part of the Masters Of The Universe crew out of San Diego (Orko, Sumach -future Gonjasufi, Odessa Kane, etc.).

U.H.N. sounded super raw, minimal, it had an eerie vibe not unlike the music from my already beloved Orko, Zest or Dave Dub. Reclusive. Straight from the cave if I might say so... kind of like the opposite of what westcoast rap means for most people, but really original and well-crafted even if it was probably made on modest equipment.

I contacted him through his old myspace page and asked if I could buy a copy of his 'Income 12"'.
He agreed and weeks later I received a pretty beat up 12'' copy (straight from the cave indeed) as well as unexpected gifts: 2 cds (a mixtape and  a cd-single) and a XXL shirt from West's label, 4 The Cheese, that made my skinny bones look like it was covered under a gangsta ghost sheet (my cousin got great pics of me in that shirt btw, he keeps them preciously just in case).

The Big Worm doesn't sound anything like the Income 12'' or U.H.N.. Musically it's a 180 degrees shift: exit the eerie vibe, it's now pure gangsta rap with heavy southern rap-inspired beats. I kind of slept on those cds until recently when I found them back in my garage.

Not the best of his work but still an interesting piece for the collectors.

(Still looking for a VG++ to Mint copy of the Income 12'' or 7'' btw)


Big Worm Intro
I'm So G ft. Big June
Poof Dat
It's Drama
"Oh" ft. Ciara
Stick The Clip On
20 ft. Dead Prez
WK Radio Skit
My Clique
D-Boy Skit ft. Mitchy Slick
 Hot ft. Delon Deville
U Owe Me ft. Orko
Live Wire ft. Blaque Jack & Pretty Capone
Mashin' Out ft. Kane

Skrapers (CD-single)

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