lundi 20 juillet 2015

Subtitle - King Ghost 7''

This is 'the' infamous 24-copy only raer Subtitle clear 7''. 
Got mine from Deeskee a few years ago. What you got is a not-so-good rip from my vinyl.
For the rest, let's quote discogs:

Originally it was planned as a single for Subtitle’s first album on GSL, but only 24 copies were made. 

Subtitle’s PC crashed and he lost the whole material of the album. That’s why the production of the single was stopped and instead he recorded new tracks, which are the today version of “Always Recovering from Tomorrow”. 

This record has a blank yellow label with no information at all about the artist, release year and track titles. The only mark is scratched in the runout groove ('GSLXXX-A' for the a-side and 'GSLXXX-B' for the b-side, respectively).

King Ghost
Deadly Ram Attack

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