dimanche 5 avril 2020

The Return of the Request List 2020

Feel free to put your link in the comment section if you have some of these titles :)

Also, if you have some requests feel free to post it too (no more than 10 titles please).
After a couple of weeks/months I'll remove the comments with the links.
I'm not doing trades since my files are already out there for free dl.

San Jose:
Minds In Unison - Never Comin' Softer (cassingle)
Esoin - The Son Don't Freeze (cassingle)
Peaceshine - No More Hip Hop EP
KHZ Devils - No Big Deal
VA - Local Dynasties - San Jo's Most Underrated Finest
Full Deck - The Mighty Full Deck
C-Ali - Ill Conversations With Myself
A-O.N.E. / Daysmen Empire - The World I See / We Bring Light cassingle
The Basics - Let It Be Known!!

San Diego:
Millenium (MOTU/Nommo Collective) - Adura EP
Eclipse (MOTU) - Total Darkness
Jahsun Edmonds - Catabasis
Enigmatic - Sons Of The Forgotten Tongue
Matrix (Odessa Kane) - 1997 Demo
Retna - Phroetry
Solseekers - Heatstrokes

San Francisco/ Oakland:
Noggin Nodders - Demo
Young Joseph - Humble Foot EP
SFSM - The Portland Sessions / BSides
Buddah Blakk / BlakkBuddah - Live Concentration
Dojah - Destination: Don't Know, Don't Care
Mad Squirrel - Summer Madness
The Latter - 1983 + Hearing Aids
Prego W/Zest - Unemployed Workaholic EP
The Moonies - Ear Therapy EP
Hansover Fist - S/T 7'' + Viva El Puno
Opus X - Rat Vs. Squirrel 12''

Darkleaf - Mission I
PUTS - 10th Anniversary DVD (video)
The Havenots - No Attachments
Himself - Summer In The City + Remiccs
Yusef Afloat - Foreign Objects
L.O.R.D. (of Western Union) - B.P.C.L.R.G(...) + My Female 7'' + Mic Snatchers EP
ICU (Ill Crew Universal) -> every tapes
DJ Motiv8 - Atban Klann Grassroots Troops
Phorest Krukz - Sol Armageddon

Antisocial Products - Bus Stops And City Blocks
Ghetto Sage - Poetry Or Prophet Sees
Halfway House Emcees - Tha Foreword Lateral
Protest - The Nitro EP + The Dope Game 12''
Yard Massive - Lifestyles Of A Cali Mcee
The Unstoppable Youth - Eclectic Stimulation
Soul Clap - 360 Soul + FTS Law To Life
Labklik - Five Elements + Non Dimenticar + Shadow Of Your Smile
Sleep Walkerz - Shadows Of The Under
Werd - The Path

The Corps - Freedom Sold Separately
Dynasty - Alpha Flight (1996)
Bookworm - Sprawl Extreme: False Teeth EP (1997)
Kaspa - The Apparition
Jedi Jihad - Kosmos
Underground By The Pound - Talk Shit
Eye Spy - S/T

24 commentaires:

  1. Good luck, I hope someone comes through and fulfills a few of these. Being from the midwest, I never even knew this stuff existed back then.

    #1 on my want list would have to be a first generation rip of the Dilated Peoples 1994 debut. Hakam Dougpark recently posted a youtube video with snippets from the full 16 track tape. #2 on my list would be any Madlib demos from 1993-1995. #3 would be a first generation rip of the Buck 65 tape that he handed out at Scribble Jam in 1998 (Johnny Rockwell Meets Henry Krinkle).

    Thanks again - TIL.INFINITY and This Is For The Hustlers are the most important hip hop blogs on the web as far as my tastes are concerned.

    1. Thanks man, much appreciated! I have this Dilated People album from 94. Actually it's a pretty good idea for the next post.
      I have that Johnny Rockwell rip but probably the same rip you own, I don't have that tape. Will check my mp3s though.

    2. Thanks for posting this so that I could compare sources. It's the same as mine. Kevin Beacham got a tape from Buck at Scribble Jam & used to played Paralysis/Diss on Time Travel back in the late 90s, and the sound quality was better than the web rip that has circulated for the past two decades. Let's hope that it surfaces at some point.

    3. Ok. As for the Dilated album, unfortunately I have the same lo-fi rip everyone have, so I won't post mine.

    4. I have the buck65 version with 9 tracks. not sure if thats the one you are looking for

    5. My versions have only 1 and the other 5 tracks... If the audio quality is correct on yours, that'd interest me.

    6. Greetings Etienne I always frequent your blog and rescue some interesting jewels that you publish, the important thing is that although the quality independent Hop can be somehow exclusive, there is a high cultural level for all of us who believe in an authentic way in the independent work, of what you are looking for I have KHZ Devils - No Big Deal and some pieces of Yusef Afloat - Foreign Objects, I'm about to capture the pieces that I'm missing from this last cassette but I don't have them compressed to send you the link right now, but as I know that this is a space to share good Hop music, I would like to leave you the links, first of an interesting Mixtape and then a single of a track that I found excellent, several of the songs are in Spanish but the quality of the music is not measured by the language, if not by the sound, I will leave you the links and in the label's page you will also find very good music and good instrumentals:




      I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Is anybody out there who has either one of these? Would love to hear them


    Thanks alot

  3. Anyone got these tapes?

    Paws One - Shut Your Mouth Vol.1
    Braille ‎– "An Answer for a Question that Wasn't Asked"
    My Pet Monsters ‎– In The Middle Of Know Where (B Sides)
    Fuck The World Productions - "Beat Tape"
    Mission Infinite ‎– Wordsoundpower
    jOnny_bOy ‎– Probe
    Deejay Aleks ‎– Alpha Beta
    Sunset Beach - PJOTP Mix / Sunset Beach
    Elusive ‎– Space Continnuum 1999
    Isosceles ‎– Isosceles EP

  4. Innate - Observations
    Innate - The Choice Is Yours

    Canadian stuff.Looking for too...

  5. Man im looking for the lionz den familia from the bay area .... in yt is also 1 Song..... have anyone this full tape 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏greetz from germany:)

    1. Yo.. I didn't know about them, but found this page with a few tracks to download and info about the crew.. they're a crew from Oakland, incl. Group Uv Nutz (anyone has their ep?) and producer Buddah Blakk or BlakkBuddah:

    2. Omg Etienne thanks man yes he is afilliaded with this crew :))))

  6. Anyone have this bas bombin soundz tape 7 cutz:)))

  7. has anyone got this ? https://www.discogs.com/The-Scribe-Marxist-Catharsis/release/8664956 or anything by the scribe would be much appreciated.

    1. If you find it please post the link. Wanted to listen to his stuff ever since I read his book couple years ago

  8. If i find any of his material i will share. Whats his book called?

    1. Underground and independent rap. Zachary Scribe. An entertaining read, good stories about anticon and project blowed members. He badmouths his own music so much that I would love to hear it :-)

    2. Dope thanks for that info i just found a copy of that book on ebay and brought it.

  9. Man i really hope of the underground Atlanta tape with aceyalone mikah 9 lootpack and some other stuff:))))
    Please i searching for years for that tape ...💎

    1. I miss that one when it was for sale on discogs a year ago.. never seen a rip of it.

    2. Hmmm i Think a saw it too man ;((

  10. Yoooo what’s good brotha
    I seen that you have Maryjoe & Practice Video Magazine VHS. I’m wonder maybe you want to sell it ? Or trade for somethin ? Let me know