mercredi 1 juillet 2020

99th Demention - S/T LP

Yo.. the ninth release of my label, Vulgar, just dropped.
It's a vinyl reissue of the 1995 Bay Area classic 99th Demention self titled album.
It's been remastered from the original DAT and Z-Man did the crazy art, inspired by the cassette cover.
There's a 60 x 30 cm poster inside too.

99th Demention is Z's high school group that he did with his brother King Maz and his school buddies (Rev Cope, Young $lim amongst others..). This is their first album (they did 2, the second being just Z & Slim).
Here's some of the reviews they had back then:

"Extremely dope (...) their originality and new flavor add spice to the life of Bay Area rap and to worldwide hip hop (...) their shit will make you laugh, nod ya head and think" (DJ Stef (RIP), Vinyl Exchange, 1995)

"A fantastic release topped off by great packaging and artwork (...) the lyrics are loaded with underground music politics but they still know how to have fun. Highly recommended!" (P-Minus, Atak catalogue)

It's available here, only 150 copies made:

vendredi 19 juin 2020

Blame - Tales From The Polish Pub

"Chances of finding this is basically next to impossible".
This is what Blame actually wrote on the discogs page of his first album, released in 1997.
Until recently it was indeed a pretty well kept secret, traces on the internet of it were almost non-existent. I recently had the chance to purchase one though, completely by hasard.

I was interested in buying a tape by a member of the same crew (Mystery's Extinction).  The seller had bought a couple of tapes from that crew during a show in the Seattle area back in the days.
That Blame tape wasn't even in his list of items for sale though.
So when I received that other tape I bought, I quickly realized the cassette itself didn't match the tracklist, but at the beginning of the tape it said "...tales from the polish pub", which lead me to the realization that what I had indeed in my posession was that elusive Blame album.
Later, the seller confirmed that it was, indeed, "Tales", that it was accidentally stored in the wrong case, and sent the cover to me as well... Some real karma score right there!

I ignore why it wasn't reissued later, since it's pretty solid. It contains all the tracks from his first vinyl EP and it's good all the way through. I added a track at the end that I spotted on youtube called "track 16 from Tales from the Polish Pub". It's not actually on my tape.



Waters Edge II ft. Sandylion
Fallen From Grace
Zion Dawta's Delight
Lyrics Geometrik
Murda Star ft. DejaVu & Kankick
Mom's Science

Intricate Vocabulary
Tales From The Polish Pub
Cargo Vessel ft. Eksile
Needs Vs. Wants (Version A)

dimanche 12 avril 2020

Paws One - Shut Your Mouth Vol.1

This is a mixtape released in 2000 and distributed by Below The Surface, Kegs One's shop located in Burlingame CA., and one of the very few spots where you could find anything westcoast underground in the early 00es.
Paws One released two volumes of these mixtapes (if you have the second volume, holla at me). Westcoast, eastcoast and abroad materials in there nicely mixed. 
I heard he passed away a few years ago, so RIP Paws One.

PAWS ONE - Intro
UNSPOKEN HEARD - Track Runners
NEXTMEN - Break The Mould
CROOKLYN DODGERS - Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers
J-LIVE - Longevity
ZION I - Venus (Inst.)

THE NONCE - Bus Stops (Rmx)
H.S.D. - Despite
GHETTO CHILLDREN - Courts In Session
YESHUA - Losing Your Soul
ACEYALONE - Outro...

dimanche 5 avril 2020

The Return of the Request List 2020

Feel free to put your link in the comment section if you have some of these titles :)

Also, if you have some requests feel free to post it too (no more than 10 titles please).
After a couple of weeks/months I'll remove the comments with the links.
I'm not doing trades since my files are already out there for free dl.

San Jose:
Minds In Unison - Never Comin' Softer (cassingle)
Esoin - The Son Don't Freeze (cassingle)
Peaceshine - No More Hip Hop EP
KHZ Devils - No Big Deal
VA - Local Dynasties - San Jo's Most Underrated Finest
Full Deck - The Mighty Full Deck
C-Ali - Ill Conversations With Myself
A-O.N.E. / Daysmen Empire - The World I See / We Bring Light cassingle
The Basics - Let It Be Known!!

San Diego:
Millenium (MOTU/Nommo Collective) - Adura EP
Eclipse (MOTU) - Total Darkness
Jahsun Edmonds - Catabasis
Enigmatic - Sons Of The Forgotten Tongue
Matrix (Odessa Kane) - 1997 Demo
Retna - Phroetry
Solseekers - Heatstrokes

San Francisco/ Oakland:
Noggin Nodders - Demo
Young Joseph - Humble Foot EP
SFSM - The Portland Sessions / BSides
Buddah Blakk / BlakkBuddah - Live Concentration
Dojah - Destination: Don't Know, Don't Care
Mad Squirrel - Summer Madness
The Latter - 1983 + Hearing Aids
Prego W/Zest - Unemployed Workaholic EP
The Moonies - Ear Therapy EP
Hansover Fist - S/T 7'' + Viva El Puno
Opus X - Rat Vs. Squirrel 12''

Darkleaf - Mission I
PUTS - 10th Anniversary DVD (video)
The Havenots - No Attachments
Himself - Summer In The City + Remiccs
Yusef Afloat - Foreign Objects
L.O.R.D. (of Western Union) - B.P.C.L.R.G(...) + My Female 7'' + Mic Snatchers EP
ICU (Ill Crew Universal) -> every tapes
DJ Motiv8 - Atban Klann Grassroots Troops
Phorest Krukz - Sol Armageddon

Antisocial Products - Bus Stops And City Blocks
Ghetto Sage - Poetry Or Prophet Sees
Halfway House Emcees - Tha Foreword Lateral
Protest - The Nitro EP + The Dope Game 12''
Yard Massive - Lifestyles Of A Cali Mcee
The Unstoppable Youth - Eclectic Stimulation
Soul Clap - 360 Soul + FTS Law To Life
Labklik - Five Elements + Non Dimenticar + Shadow Of Your Smile
Sleep Walkerz - Shadows Of The Under
Werd - The Path

The Corps - Freedom Sold Separately
Dynasty - Alpha Flight (1996)
Bookworm - Sprawl Extreme: False Teeth EP (1997)
Kaspa - The Apparition
Jedi Jihad - Kosmos
Underground By The Pound - Talk Shit
Eye Spy - S/T

jeudi 2 avril 2020

Bedouins - Volume 1

Bedouins, later renamed The Bedouin when the members realized it wasn't a plural name, was a group from the great San Jose underground scene of the late 90es, the same one that saw Peanut Butter Wolf, Fanatik, SubContents, Daysmen Empire, Zest The Smoker, Executive Lounge, Epicenter Broadcast and a slew of other super talented emcees burgeoning at the same time, in the same area.

Bedouins was comprised of beatmaker TapeMasta Steph (who later produced the awesome Endlessness In Machinery tapes) and two MCs: the Gill brothers, K-Swift and Mozam.

I think I already stated that for the most part, christian rap isn't my cup of tea. 
Bedouins is thee exception*, mostly because Steph's beats are just great, and even though the lyrics' content is not speaking to my heart, the emcees' delivery is on point. 
* English not being my first language helps I guess

That EP/mini album was only released on cassette. I think the year was 1998 although the material might be older (1995 maybe), it's not completely clear. I also read 1993 somewhere.

There's 3 versions of that cassette: a 4 tracks (as in "2 tracks per side") EP version that seemed to be duplicated by hand. The cover reads "The Missing Link" on it. 
The "regular" 7 tracks version which is what you get on this post, the cassette is professionally duplicated with the title on it and no mention of 'The Missing Link' but the name of KnightsBridgeLair, which is the name of a crew of sort if I'm correct.
Then a 9 tracks version with 2 bonus tracks off Sidus Idiom's solo tape (this is a Tapemasta Steph alias). That full tape has already been posted on this blog, so no need for me to post that version. Its cover is brown and the tape has a sign on it, seemingly made with Tippex or such.


Overide (The System)
II Exodus
Vanity Of Vanities
Ghetto Input

Quiet Storms
Rev: 20.4
When Did I Die?

vendredi 6 mars 2020

Dash - The "I" Of The Beholder

This one was ripped by Kaliyuga Pro: a relatively tough to get album from San Diego, released in 1998. 
Although he wasn't an official member of Mystery's Extinction, Dash seemed to be tight with the crew: DJ Cro, Sandy Lion, DejaVoo all appeared on this album. 
What you get is pretty short tracks (most of them under 2 minutes), a few instrumentals, raps that sound more like spoken words or such... and a few familiar samples here and there (Waterie Reflection use the same loop than Clear Blue Skies).

Intro: Spec ft. DJ Cro
Smintro ft. Sandy Lion
Waterie Reflections
Crucifix On The Corner
Sitting In The Middle Of The World
Simple Minded

Sequences In Motion ft. Cali
Dash Ain't Gonna Take It! ft. Dejavoo & Sandy Lion
New Thought Of An Old Day ft. Catapult
Brother Inc Presents: Conversation
My Mission

samedi 8 février 2020

Testing Ground - Logikingone 0.0

This one is probably late 90es-early 00es by Bay Area duo Testing Ground, comprised of Logic and DJ King One.
King One has released a handful of underground mixtapes while Logic has one split 7'' on Sublevel Epidemic (the red one with Deeskee on the flip). He later had a solo career in garage rock under his real name, Hanni El Khatib and went on to found the very hip Innovative Leisure label with two other guys. This is a rather nice and overlooked one... check it out!

In another news, HHV launched a new indie label called 90's Tapes and two of three of their latest releases on both vinyl and cassettes format are pretty dope and obscure: Mystery's Extinction (Blame One early group from San Diego)'s self titled album is one and Endangered Species' Intangible is another. So that's both courageous and promising for a young label... Definitely go support them.
Hopefully more obscure westcoast & canadian reissues to come..


Intro Pt.1
Intro Pt.2
Negative Space
First Sight Pt.1
Sticks And Stones

American Household
Eyes Wide Shut
Thought Process ft. Anti Sunala
Contra Celibrity