lundi 1 octobre 2018

Zest The Smoker - The Smoker's Vault LP

The new release from (vulgar) is finally here!

Zest The Smoker - The Smoker's Vault LP is limited to 100 copies. 

It features production by Cough-It-Up (Camp Crystal Lake), Oddzilla (Zest himself), Barry Bones/DJ Roe, Persevere (Sub Contents) and Architecht (ten thousand projects including Homeliss Derilex, Executive Lounge, etc.).

Zest is a veteran MC from San Jose who's been featured on numerous Bay Area classics (Peanut Butter Wolf's "My Vinyl Weighs A Ton", Dave Dub's "The Treatment", both on Stones Throw for instance). He's also part of the Camp Crystal Lake aka Camp Crypt collective.

This is 1996-2002 material.
On the A side you got the tracks off the Death... At 27 album that's not on the Murder vinyl EP, and on the flipside a selection from the Smoker Filez cd compilation, including some stuff that also were on the 3 Face the Shape Shifter demo (Puff Puff, Macadamian, etc.).

There's video for Micalina and another one should drop soon:

Thanks by advance to everyone who supports. This is much, much appreciated!

dimanche 16 septembre 2018

Awkward Why? - Six Bubbles

I know, this album (from 1998) is floating on the internet for a while already and judging his discogs page already have a little following, but as far as I'm concerned, I just discovered it thanks to Kaliyuga Pro a couple of weeks ago and it's been on rotation ever since.

Awkward Why? is a group from Toronto, comprised of Bookworm, J-StaRRRrrr!!! and Psy, Bookworm producing most of it. The band later united with another one called Dynasty and together they formed the supergroup Oddities which got signed on Battle Axe in the early 00es.

In short, the production work here is beautifully done and many loops will stuck with you for a while, and the emceeing/writing part is definitely on par. It's one of those albums you're hope to stumble on while meticulously going through  a whole obscure crew's discography, one that you know you'll come back to and listen many times more.

Of course there's more Oddities material, some of it already been upped on Ghetto Tyylit years ago and I'll soon put again the rarest stuff on the blog (while the new material is still easily available), but this one really stood out for me. What you got here is KP's rip, so thanks to him for taking the time to do it. If you never heard it, give it a try.

Unexpected Texture
Scott Free ft. Sir Syntax (The Modern Myth)
Battlestar Galactica
How Could You Be So Nasty?
No Idea

Awkworlds Intro
Spontaneous Combustion
Sound Advice ft. Korry Deez

mardi 28 août 2018

Megabusive Interview

I've been fortunate to make a mail interview with Megabusive (Westcoast Workforce, Stealth Melters, Exalt The Anti, etc.). Many thanks to him, enjoy!

In another news the SFSM "Word Of Mouth" 2xLP reissue finally dropped, check it out!

Finally, Beetbak blessed us with another dope cassette reissue, the Stray Bullets compilation by Inoe Oner. Another must have.

jeudi 9 août 2018

Sidus Idiom - Moments Til Ruin

As requested by Jibs over at Thisisforthehustlers, here's Sidus Idiom aka Tapemastah Steph's Moments Til Ruin, an odd bud definitely interesting tape blending raps, acoustic guitar, instrumentals, weird skits... Steph, then located in San Jose and collaborating with all the good people from Sub Contents to PBW, was really pushing the envelope on this one and wasn't afraid of trying new stuff.
You can note the presence of "Unrented Space" also on the Outerbodied compilation but credited as Members Of Accuracy also.

In another news the next vinyl release from the label is coming soon (sept/oct). Expect a solid compilation from an underrated SJ artist, filled with 1996-2002 materials. More info soon!


War Of The Sdlrow
Inviting Me A Light To Be
Oh No!!
Moments Til Ruin
Unrented Space
Playing With Art

You Suck
The Spores
How Beautiful It Is
Plus + The Gravy
Moodswinger '88
Coincidence With Love / Her Profile
In This Crasy Place

lundi 23 juillet 2018

The Library Crew - Bibliotechnitians Vol.1

This is the Library Crew cassette, an old project from 1997 that consisted of Subtitle, Memorex, Premonition and the Lexicon guys.
Here's What Subtitle said about it in an interview for a few years ago:

"That started when we were in high school. That was Lexicon (which is Oak and Nick Fury), Number Crunchers (myself and DJ Memorex), Premonition, Dramatic, Recon and this dude C-Trouble, whom I think he's doing porn or something right now. There was also lots of friends walking in and out of the group… But it all started when we were in Oxnard and every Friday we'd all go to Santa Barbara to freestyle on Mums The Word's show. He had this show at this radio station at the UCSB (the Santa Barbara college) that everybody went to, like the Project Blowed, KanKick, CDP and all those dudes… We would all roll out there, we were all real young and we all ended up meeting up. We kicked it a little bit and got along so we did songs and ended up calling ourself a crew. I had the name in my head 'cause I worked at the library at my high school at the time so I said : "Let's just call it the Library crew". We made a cassette "Bibliotechnicians Vol. 1" in 1997.

There was also a group in the Library called Rector Set, that was me and Scribble, but we never recorded any song because Scribble was a dick head at the time. Matter of fact, when we did "Bibliotechnicians", we had left him, we didn't even tell him we were going to record the project… which is some dick-head-shit. I just called him when I got home to play him some songs over the phone and he just hung up on my face of course. Library went on about 3 years. We did some shows and were going to work on more material but then everybody started moving further away… I moved out to L.A., Lexicon moved out to L.A., Premonition and Dramatic would come to hang out but you wouldn't hear from the other dudes. Memorex moved out to L.A. and we would hang out a bit but he was doing other stuff, he wasn't deejaying as much. "

Desert Storm
Punk Ass Bitch (Interlude)
Fowl Play II

I Should Thank The Wack MC's
Resident Evil '97 (The Devil)

samedi 7 juillet 2018

Ultraman - A Universal Language Taught Regardless Of The Animosity Of Man

San Jose rap circa 1999. As far as I know it's his only album, but you can find more material from him under the name Provy Suflayy if you google it.
Definitely worth a check.
Edit - Ultraman was also FTA's Unbreakable Comb's big brother.
Edit2- Justin Morales did all the production work on this album

Galloping Through Galaxiez
Automotive Digestion
Decadence Of Destruction
Humanity (Poetic Intermission)
Corridorz Of The Mind
Man With 2Brainz (Remix)

Legendary Teachings And Tall Talez
Trialz And Tribulationz
Thought (Poetic Intermission)
Song Of Time

jeudi 21 juin 2018

Requests (Update 2018)

Like last year, this is the request post updated.
You can post your requests and your dl links on the comment section.

San Jose:
Minds In Unison - Never Comin' Softer (cassingle)
Esoin - The Son Don't Freeze (cassingle)
Visionary Force - Force Field + May The Force Be With You
Visual Training - Obstacles Are Daunting
Peaceshine - No More Hip Hop EP
KHZ Devils - No Big Deal
VA - Local Dynasties - San Jo's Most Underrated Finest
Epic Paradox & Kinx - Madhermit Presents...
Full Deck - The Mighty Full Deck
C-Ali - Ill Conversations With Myself
A-O.N.E. / Daysmen Empire - The World I See / We Bring Light cassingle
The Basics - Let It Be Known!! + Success And You

San Diego:
Millenium (MOTU/Nommo Collective) - Adura EP
Eclipse (MOTU) - Total Darkness
Mr Brady - Pure Action 12''
Olufemi Lasana - 4 Da Luv Of Da People
Jahsun Edmonds - Catabasis
Enigmatic - Sons Of The Forgotten Tongue
Matrix (Odessa Kane) - 1997 Demo
Retna - S-T
Solseekers - Heatstrokes + Halfway There EP

San Francisco/ Oakland:
Fatgums & Gamma Ray - Ohhssh!! (Mixtape)
Young Joseph - Average Joe ('96) + Humble Foot EP + White Gangster
Eyedlmode - S/T EP
Dojah - Destination: Don't Know, Don't Care
Mad Squirrel - Summer Madness
The Latter - 1983 + Hearing Aids
Prego W/Zest - Unemployed Workaholic EP
The Disturbers - Negusa Negast
The Moonies - Ear Therapy EP
Hansover Fist - S/T 7'' + Viva El Puno
Opus X - Rat Vs. Squirrel 12''

Darkleaf - Mission I
The Havenots - No Attachments
Himself - Summer In The City + Remiccs
Perfecto - Melanin Music + The Voice Of Inglewood
Yusef Afloat - Foreign Objects
3 Loc (Tray Loc) - Gold Digger
L.O.R.D. (of Western Union) - B.P.C.L.R.G(...) + My Female 7'' + Mic Snatchers EP
Penuckle - Blunts & Roses + Love Dies 12''
Dashiell - Separate Settlements

Parallel - Digital Wasteland
Realistikk - Secular Stress
Zezer / Zez One - Discursive Grandiloquence
VA - Chocolate Park (1997)
Kidd X - X Marks The Spot
Antisocial Products - Bus Stops And City Blocks
Ghetto Sage - Poetry Or Prophet Sees
J The Sarge - Head Music
Halfway House Emcees - Tha Foreword Lateral
The Cookers - Hermano 7''
Invisible Inc. - Walkman Classic EP
Protest - The Nitro EP + The Dope Game 12''
Yard Massive - Lifestyles Of A Cali Mcee
Insult 2 Injury - 99 Sampler
The Unstoppable Youth - Eclectic Stimulation
Compound Elements - The Struggle + Solutions 12''
We Be I - Middle Eastern Thought

Dynasty - Alpha Flight (1996)
Bookworm - Sprawl Extreme: False Teeth EP (1997)
Snidley's Lunchbox EP (1998)
Kaspa - The Apparition
Jedi Jihad - Kosmos
Mission 5 - Write About Now
Underground By The Pound - Talk Shit
Eye Spy - S/T