dimanche 22 octobre 2017

Himself - Book Of Hymns Vol.1: Himpressions

Another repost from the Ghetto Tyylit archives, this is the first cassette EP from Himself. The picture above is not the original art, it's a just a random photo of him.
If like me you like the Netherworlds you'll enjoy it. 

In another news, you might not sleep on that super dope new 45  by San Diego's Inna Attic Crookz (from the Missing Children crew, related to Veks).

Same for the Blak Forest cd reissue we were talking about (plus there's also a cassette filled with Wiz One's beats).

There's a new Haez One album, so support that dope music from SJ.

Last but not least, you need that crucial FBCFabric & Reindeer classic album vinyl reissue on swiss label Mism. If you're into early Anticon, dark & melancholic beats and the name Constellation Records rings a bell, that might be your cup of tea. There's only 100 copies on triple vinyl though, so be quick!

Back to our program:

Summer In The City
Aches And Pain (Remix)
The Rape Of Mother Africa ft. Masequa Myers
So Put That On Your Tape (Interlude)
Summer In The City (Instrumental)

Intro (A Wailing Litany)
Aches And Pain
Dirty A__ LA
Something From Met
Aches And Pain Remix (Instrumental)

5 commentaires:

  1. qu'elle tuerie la piste Aches And Pain (Remix) pfouaaa tout a fait mon genre de vibe melancolique comme je kiffe !!! merci Etienne !! si t'as des albums entiers qui sonne dans ce style ca serais top de me dire (de n'importe quels pays je prends tout)!! peace and real hip hop 4evaaa

    1. Tout ce qu'il a fait est bien, j'adore l'album des Netherworlds mais c'est pas vraiment une vibe mélancolique. Dans ce style, en récent t'as Apes Of Graf - Worlds View qui est bien.
      sinon essaie ce vieux mix que j'ai fait, un peu dans cette vibe: https://www.mixcloud.com/vulgar/pseudzero-hoarfrost/

    2. Merci pour ce mix d'excellente qualité j'avou que j'ai bien kiffé pendant 1 heure !!! peace and real hip hop 4evaaaa

  2. Holy crap, i lost it in 99 and i never found it again
    Thank you etienne true hip-hop

  3. salut etienne je cherche l'album de "Daddyhore ‎- 456 Number Runners" (sorti en 2002) mais introuvable sur le net :( si tu peux essayé de le posté ca serais sympa :) peace and real hip hop 4evaaaa !!!