vendredi 1 septembre 2017

Sabotawjyostyle - Elevation 12''

Since Orko is releasing a brand new LP these days (or is it 2 new LPs?), today I'm sharing a rare 12'' from San Diego which features him.
The artist is Sabotawjyostyle (also known as Sabotawj), from the Rhymeside label/crew, and this 12'' was released in 2002 at 300 units to promote the release of his Memoirs Of The Hardcore album.
"Saturate Da Underground" features not only Orko but also an other Daygo legend, Odessa Kane from Masters Of The Universe (even if none of them are credited on the vinyl).
The vinyl is a bit tricky to find but it might pop up on discogs some day. 
Meanwhile, enjoy the homemade rip...

In another news, there's a batch of other new albums to check for the indie rap afficionados this fall:
Beetbak got their second tape release with Aki Khalaq aka Kennuf Akbar.
The Ganja Cowboys album "Legends Of The Fall" which is Riddlore, Droop Capone and Lord Zen (interesting combinaison, huh?).
A new 2Mex LP "Lospital"
Another new trio in Gel Roc/ Megabusive/ Deeskee "Exalt the Anti".
An Aceyalone + Orko album called "Ancient Future".
Another SD-related MC, Veks' side project "Apes Of Graf" got the vinyl reissue by Chopped Herring.
And I recommend this dope group from Berlin (rhymes in english though): Moontroop. They got a new album called "The Dirty Something".

Back to our 12'':

Elevation ft. Nick Faulty & Tashi Numbaone
Saturate Da Underground ft. Odessa Kane & Orko The Sycotik Alien
Battle Words
Da Tribute

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  2. You made my day ! All these artists didn't promote themselves on their sites for all these new LP's ! (Or maybe I just didn't see...) Anyway, now I've got all, thanks to you, thanks a lot ! West coast underground & Project Blowed 4 life ! (From a hardcore PB fan from France :-) )

  3. Ah ben t'es français en fait. Ah pis si ça s'trouve on a des amis ou connaissances en commun. ^^