samedi 25 février 2017

InK. - Eleveneleven

That's already two years since Private School released their last album.
Now here's the new one from InK. (Ian and Kaos aka Jundax), 2/3 of PS minus DaGoldenRay.
The formula is still there, quiet moods, slow beats. It's kind of late-late night music, something to relax to when you're stressed or before sleeping... I really like the minimal structure of the beats with a very on-point selection of samples, kind of like Sach productions per say.
The two mc's voices complement each other very well also. Gorgeous artwork too.

To sum it up: if you're into their sound,  you'll love this one. Grab a copy, digital, cassette or cd here:

Private School Bandcamp

Days A Long Night
Dig It
Loud & Close
Drowning In The Wind
All I Ever Wanted...
Do No Harm

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