lundi 26 septembre 2016

L'Roneous & Brycon - Maart Vol.1 The World According To Gurp

Oh yes. L'Roneous is back with a short album (20 minutes) produced by Brycon (Grand Killa Con, affiliated to SF's Gurp City) and it's banging. I love L'Ron's voice and technical flow (sometimes reminiscent to Aceyalone) but since Imaginarium the productions weren't always on par with his skills. On Maart One the beats are short, catchy, and it's a perfect match...  There's also a 7'' released next week with a couple of cuts from this album. 
Special bonus points to the title who refers to a brilliant John Irving novel (you need to check that out too)... and to the fact that there's a Z-Man cameo on it. 

My Soirée
Live From The City
Crazy ft. Z-Man, Equipto & Michael Marshall
Out Of Control
Micah Aza Interlude
See Saw
G-Pek Interlude
The World According To Gurp

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