lundi 22 août 2016

Forest Fires Collective - Fresh Air EP

The Forest Fires Collective is another short-lived crew from the Bay. 
Originally formed around the duo The Latter (beatmakers/ MCs Edison Victrola aka Eddie Vic and Feller Quentin aka Smif Carnivorous -known these days as Tim Cohen from the Fresh & Onlys and various others indie rock bands). Add to this MC's Mad Squirrel (which met Smif from working at Amoeba) and Prego w/Zest (ex Just One) and two "ghost members", Dr Lester and a guy named Simile. 
Allegedly the name FFC was inspired by Mad Squirrel's own pseudo and from that they build that whole concept of rapping about nature, animals, etc. (more backstory on M.S.'s book Hip Hop Underground: The Integrity and Ethics of Racial Identification you can find large extracts on the web).

They released 2 cd albums (self titled, 2001 and You Can't See, 2002) and two vinyl EP's collecting tracks from the cd's plus some unreleased cuts in some case.

Fresh Air is the second vinyl and last of their collective release. 11 tracks including 4 instros. 3 tracks are from their first cd, 2 from You Can't See.

Musically expect some solid productions, fast rap, light themes and adventurous posse cuts. Probably not for everyone but dope in my book.

Chillin' With A Capon
Super Raps
Sim's Bloodlust
Unemployed Workaholic
Go Find The Blaze
Kaiser's Right Wing (Instrumental)
Super Raps (Instrumental)
Unemployed Workaholic (Instrumental)
In My Zone (Instrumental)
Witness Protection

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