mercredi 6 avril 2016

Observatory Swivel Pack

Here's a little pack of various things from this San Diego crew, Observatory Swivel.
I must admit I'm a little bit confused with who was part of the group. The discogs page mentions MCs Mer Ka Ba and 10 19 (plus Deejay A La Fu on the turntables - love the name) but you can see it also mentions Rune Orfeus and Scribe Sayar as MCs and John Henry as a producer.
So not too sure who is who and who does what, but if you know hit me on the comment section.

Once again I've been introduced to this band through a mixtape. It was the great "Provoked" with its bouncy and hypnotic bassline and the tape was Detect's 1st Adventure -who happens to be this blog's first post
That tape was from 2001 and at the time this kind of 12'' was still pretty confidential so I was stoked when I stumbled upon a copy in a parisian shop back then. I like to think it was the actual copy Detect used for this very mixtape then get bored of and sold it to the shop. The kind of weird collector's chakra thing and all. I'm romantic like that. 
The EP was "It's All There In Black And White" and features 3 tracks, Provoked being the obvious highlight.

What you got on this pack is this EP, a cd compilation called Relocated Joints and a rip from my vinyl copy of Orfeus "Mithalaje" with instro and such (never found a rip of the 12'' so here you go).

I'm still looking for a little bit more of background about OS. I know Scribe Sayar has a bandcamp with more recent solo stuff also.

Orfeus - Mithalaje 12'' (1997)

Mithalaje (Instrumental)
Mithalaje (Acapella)

Observatory Swivel - Relocated Joints (1999)

R.T.M. (Rapid Thought Movement)
Breaking Down The Barrier
Taicon Verse Chi
What We Do ft. Rasputant
Completely Unresponsive ft. Hoodfox & Joosik Energetic
Session One ft. 10 19
Green Piece
Orfeus, In Memory

Observatory Swivel - It's All There In Black And White EP (2000)

Don't Call Me...

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